Folks Bring Some Funky Hats To Ladies Day At Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot 2012
Day 1 shows a strong headwear turnout!
Alright everyone, I’ve found my new favorite day at the Royal Ascot: Ladies Day.

Know why it’s my favorite day? Because look at their hats! In case you were unaware, Ascot has quite the strict dress code. It’s kind of an amazing read. The one day ladies are allowed to go a little crazy with their hats is on Ladies Day.

Too bad Queen Elizabeth didn’t do anything funky with hers. That would have made my day even better. Now, I can’t decide which of these themed hats is my favorite.

The royal baby hat is amazing, but then the fox hat and tail is pretty fabulous, too. So next year we’re all going to Ascot and we’re all going to Ladies Day and we’re all going to have funky hats. Yes? Yes!

Launch the gallery to check out all the best hats from Ladies Day. I think Princess Beatrice should have just worn her royal wedding hat. It would have really fit in here. Tell us your favorite hat in the comments!