Flower Child Selena Gomez Tweets Sister’s Birth

Selena Gomez Speak Now
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Proud big sis, Selena Gomez, recently welcomed her baby sister in to the world.

The pop star and actress is seen here spending time with girlfriends in Tarzana and grabbing some food at the Kabuki restaurant, always pushing the fashion envelope with a hippie, flower child look.

Selena stopped by the hospital in Northridge to visit her mother and new sister and later on, sent out a greeting to fans about the news on Twitter.

Momma, Brian, and me are all so grateful for all your well wishes.  My lil sissy Gracie Elliot Teefey was born on June 12th.  Luv you all XO

Meanwhile, in fashion news, Selena is really pushing this whole headband look that all the kids seem to be rocking. How do you guys feel about it?