Flotilla DeBarge as Star Jones

March 7th, 2005 // 5 Comments

Okay. I can now see why Star Jones was worried.

[via WOW Report]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Steve

    Holy crap! Star Jones is finally given solid proof that she does indeed lokk like a man in drag.

  2. Rob

    Am I the only one who thinks Star Jones and American Idol’s Randy Jackson are one and the same?

  3. Brie


    Randy Jackson is much thiner! :)

  4. Christopher Swanston

    I think Flotilla is making a point to the fur industry and I am proud of her because she stands up for what she thinks is right no matter what the cost. If the papers can put there comments out there about all that is going on today she should be able to express herself as needed.

  5. Dontre L. Conerly

    I applaud Flotilla’s participation in the fight against the ruthless and heartless murder of defenseless animals. The fact that Star (and other celebrities) would still wear the fur, in light of the process of its manufacture, needs to be highlighted. This is no small event: young animals are bludgeoned and skinned alive for their fur; imagine the pain, think of the cruelty. . . .However, this is not only a wake-up call to Star and the many yards of fur it takes to cover her, but it is an awareness event to us all. Wearing fur is aiding in the cruel murder of an animal.
    I suggest that eveyone take about five minutes to read up on how fur is made. . ..after you see images of innocent seals clubbed over the head or rabbits skinned alive in their own habitat, those fur-lined gloves or mink coat may not be so important to have anymore.

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