Florence Welch Stars In A Markus Luper Film

Florence Welch, British musician and fashion icon, is making waves in the fashion industry. She was chosen by Markus Luper to model and star in his promo film titled ‘The Puzzle of The Mysterious Mind’ for his new 2012 spring collection. Among Welch is Irina Lazareanu, Sadie Frost, Mary Charteris, Valentine Fillol-Cordier, Margo Stilley, Jan DeVilleneuve, Liddie Holt and Gary Card are all starring in Luper’s film.

They all play characters with odd personality disorders; for example Welch plays a women who hoarders clothes and is a globophobic. The film showcases many of his signature knits, fun stripes, sequined embroidery, trompe l’oeil belts, red lipstick and mini dresses. His new spring collection is heavily inspired by Greek beaches, and the collection will definitely give you a sexy beach feel. Luper explains that there is lot of pastel colors, crocodile embroidered pieces within this spring collection.

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Markus Luper tells fashionista.com his reasons for creating a film. “I just thought it’s something different, it’s fun, also you can show what your brand is all about.You don’t need to be in one city, and I think with the internet, you can make it global quite fast and that’s what I like about it. We try to keep the cast really versatile, younger, older, more famous, less famous, a nice balance.”

London based designer, Markus Luper is trying to break into the American market. His lines are sold in several stores in the UK however he now has Neiman Marcus and Barneys added to his list. He is determined to reach more American based stores. Luper is excited about bringing his film and collection to New York. Luper gives his opinion of the difference between New York and London Fashion. “I don’t think it’s that much different when I came here. The only difference was it’s much hotter. In London there’s always something cool, but here you dress slightly lighter and more sexy.” explained Luper.

Watch Markus Luper film The Puzzle of The Mysterious Mind below to check out his new spring 2012 collection.