Florence Welch Spotted In Charleston, Details About Her Wedding Performance For Blake Lively

Florence Welch
The singer performed at Chanel's show in Paris.
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It must be nice to have a best friend who’s a world-renowned singer.

It was definitely nice for Blake Lively when Florence + The Machine singer, Florence Welch, took to the stage to sing three songs on Sunday night for Blake’s wedding. Details are slowly starting to emerge from the very private affair, but we can tell you for sure that Florence rocked it.

According to People, Florence was  nervous about the performance. Sources in Mt. Pleasant, SC told reporters, “Florence said [she was singing] for a good friend and this was her wedding gift for the bride and groom. She said she performs all the time, but she was performing at the wedding and she got nervous because it was for a friend.” Who knew she & Blake were such good friends?

It only makes sense since they’re both known for their very specific styles. As People points out, Blake is all about the couture and the high end, while Florence is about the vintage and the retro. Two very different styles, but both very awesome.

Florence was spotted heading out of Charleston yesterday wearing a green patterned shirt with a brown mini-skirt. We don’t often get to see the singer in such short skirts. Maybe Blake and her love of showing off her legs are rubbing off on her!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Florence. So, what songs do you guys think she sang? Leave us your guesses in the comments!

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