“Flipping Out” Episode Two Sneak Peek

Because I’m a sucker for home repair, drama and collagen/Botox abusers willing to allow video cameras to chronicle them losing their shit and then broadcasting it on television, I’m all about Bravo’s new series, “Flipping Out.” It focuses on the life and career of Jeff Lewis, a real estate speculator, whose staff of various assistants and home-repair crew spend most of their time dealing with his perfectionist demands, resulting from his OCD. In addition to his obsession with making sure that his bottled water is lined up perfectly in his refrigerator with the labels facing in the right direction, he also frequents psychics. In this preview of the second episode, Jeff finds himself frustrated by a seller, who lingers a little too long after selling the home, and his cat, who appears to have been lost by one of his assistants on the way to its acupuncturist. Yes, you read that correctly. Jeff is temperamental and easily frustrated, which is exactly how I like him. He’s also dealing with a possible restless spirit in one of his homes and plans on getting an exorcism. Awesome.

Tags: Reality TV