Flava Flav Wants Ten Kids

I think he can do it. He may look like what happens when Gollum f*cks a gremlin but he’s got love in his heart for you, shawty. Flava Flav(!) is starting on the third season of his hit VH-1 show “Flava of Love”. But he’s allegedly going into it engaged to another broad, who has his eighth child on the way. Who are these seeing eye dog thirsty bitches who want this man in them? If I saw this man coming at me, I’d get out my shotgun and call NASA. Sources say Flav never even called season two winner Deelishis after the reunion show and he’s just doing the show for the money. Duh. His rep denies he’s engaged but confirms that an eight little Flav is on the way. The rep says “”Flav is not engaged. It’s true he’s on his eighth child but, as he’s said in the past, he’d like 10. So there’s two more to go.” Sweet jesus please us.

Photos: WENN

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