Flat Iron And Dannielynn Are Free, Virgie Consoling Herself With Canned Ham And White Russians


Free! That baby is free! Free to live with the best hair-care products imaginable! Virgie Arthur’s last minute attempt to stall Dannielynn from leaving the Bahamas failed. Even the judge thinks she’s tired.

Virgie Arthur’s last-ditch appeal to block Dannielynn’s biological father from leaving the Bahamas with the infant has just been denied. And to add insult to injury, the judge verbally and financially smacked Arthur, calling the appeal “weak” and ordering her to pay $3,000 in attorney’s fees for wasting the court’s time.

At one point, the judge reportedly said that he was “perplexed” as to why the case even made it into his courtroom.

Someone tell the judge it’s because Virgie wanted the paper to upgrade her damn trailer to a double-wide. And maybe buy some of those lawn ornaments that look like a giant Christmas tree bulb on top of a birdbath. What the hell are those things? What’s wrong with people? Nevertheless, she ain’t gettin’ any.