Jude Law Pays For His Mistake And Meets His Daughter Sophia

Five months after Samantha Burke gave birth to Jude Law’s love child, the reluctant but proven daddy went down to Miami to talk to Burke face-to-face. The UK’s Daily Mail reports that the actor and his lawyer met with with Burke to discuss how Law was going to cover the child’s expenses. The agreed upon sum is rumored to be mare than 2 million pounds and 5,000 a month in living expenses, all of this is on top of that baby pimpin’ money.

It is also reported that he met little Sophia Burke, but there isn’t much word on the bonding session.  Sienna Miller is just hoping this one doesn’t have a nanny.

Burke’s family has been critical of Law thus far, saying his behavior was not that of an “English gentleman”. There is no report on whether the family finds Samantha’s behavior to be ladylike. Sophia was conceived after her parents met at a nightclub in New York where Law was filming Sherlock Holmes. Let’s hope he was better behaved here at the after party for the Sherlock Holmes premiere back on December 15, 2009