Five Reasons We Can’t Be Bothered To Watch ‘Audrina’

We didn’t think it would happen.  We sincerely didn’t.

When Audrina Patridge starting squawking about her new reality series with producer Mark Burnett back in 2009, we brushed it off as another post-Hills ambition Kristin Cavallari had Hollywood hopes for herself after Laguna Beach ended, and Heidi Montag made good on her threat of recording songs, getting a head start on “Operation: Salvage What’s Left.”  While we encourage everyone to reach for the stars, there are some who lack the talent to survive.  And so, we advise them to not aim so high and consider tacking their GED dreams instead.

PHOTOS: Audrina Patridge goes BONGO

Evidently having never seen Patridge on-screen (What?! You missed Sorority Row?!), Burnett saw a few magazine covers and thought,  “This one’s lanky and cosmetically endowed.  She’d be game for familial exploitation!”

Click through the gallery to find out why we don’t think Audrina will stay afloat.

PS-If you must watch, Audrina premieres April 17th @ 9pm on VH1.