First Photo Of Baby North West To Debut On ‘Kris’ Jenner Finale

Kim & Kanye 2013 Met Ball
The famous couple goes floral at the 2013 Met Ball.
Kim and Kanye rollercoaster
Kim, Kanye, and Kendall visit Six Flags Magic Mountain
Kim & Kanye Work It
The pair attended the FIFI Awards in London together.
I mean, who did not call this?

At this point I couldn’t care less if North West looks like a baked potato. I could even care even more less if Kim Kardashian has lost any of her baby weight or not.

There comes a time when self promotion begins to become boring, and in regards to the Kardashians, it became boring when Kim married Kris Humprhies and E! aired the wedding.

This Friday, on the last day of the Kris show’s run (executives will decide whether to pick the show up for series or not), the first picture of baby North West will be revealed. 

During Monday’s taping, the baby’s photo was reportedly flashed on the screen very quickly, so that nobody could snap photos of the image. The photo will apparently be shown much longer when the episode airs. This all happens during Kanye West’s appearance on the show.

I’m personally quite shocked that Kanye is appearing on Kris’ show. I’m secondly quite shocked that Kim isn’t the one making an appearance on the show. While Kim has put the word out that she’s just enjoying staying home and being a mom, you know there is more to it than that.

It’s thrilling that she’s enjoying motherhood, but come on, this is Kim Kardashian. She craves the spotlight, and she hates looking anything but flawless. So my guess is that the baby weight isn’t coming off as fast as she hoped it would. Otherwise, you know that it would have been Kim revealing the first baby photo and not Kanye.

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