Fiona Apple Performs At The Hard Rock Hotel And Casino [PHOTOS]

Fiona Apple is a continuing Tidal wave of talent.

Amongst songwriting seductress’, Fiona Apple may be the last woman standing. Drawing inspiration from iconic, Lilith artists, such as Joni Mitchell and Carole King, Apple has built a musical career upon the firm foundation of honesty and ingenuity. Her new album, The Idler Wheel, is no different.

Beginning with her debut single, “Every Single Night,” Apple radiates passion that infuses itself into her wine-soaked vocals, as intense and dark as a glass of Merlot.  Numerous fortunate concert goers were able to witness her spell of preciosity, while she performed live at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Fiona makes it pronounced in every performance to show the importance of nonconformity, an emphasis on turning our creativity into a means of personal redemption.

For example, take her controversial speech at the 1997 MTV Awards…