Fingers Crossed For Twitpics From Chelsea Clinton & Marc Mezvinsky’s Wedding!

July 29th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

This Saturday Chelsea Clinton will wed her fiance Mark Mezvinsky and will not be subjected to any aerial photography whatsoever.

Aside from the wedding playing host to a former US President and the current Secretary of State, there will be many, many VIPs there which is the reason the Federal Aviation Administration has closed airspace over Rhinebeck, NY during the time of the wedding. It basically means that all flights in the area have to be legit and pre-planned, positively identified and where they ought to be.

But I’m sure within good time photos of the wedding and all the folks who attend will leak out to the public en masse. They always do. Thank God for camera phones, Twitpics and Twitvids.

Check out the gallery of Chelsea hitting the gym and a yogurt shop yesterday!

By Justin Thompson

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