Beauty Buzz: Finding Kate Winslet Some Make-up

Kate Winslet is apparently too busy to put on makeup, either that or she was going to the spa to have a facial. Photos of the actress which have been taken recently revealed a rather rapidly aging Kate. The former Titanic star looked as if all her years of smoking had caught up with her.

A bit of advice Kate – you are a beautiful, talented actress, you have tons of money, so use it to purchase anti-aging products and some makeup. We all know that you are a busy mom, but remember everywhere you go someone more than likely has a camera, and you will be photographed! Bring back the Kate from “Sense and Sensibility,” you are thirty and apparently thirty is the new twenty! If you are too busy to put on your entire face, try a tinted moisturizer, a great product developed by Lancôme. Your skin will shine with a hint of color and a bright new feel. Lancôme’s tinted moisturizer is feather light and contains SPF 20 and delivers 16 skin essential elements to get your skin glowing with health. The tinted moisturizers are available in four sheer shades for a perfectly even complexion and provide hydration to your skin all day long.

Written by Christy Pastore

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