Filming “A Mighty Heart” was Mighty Distressing for Angelina


During filming in India for “A Mighty Heart,” Angelina’s super-celebrity status attracted lots of attention, from both the paparazzi and locals, which added to the on-set difficulties of shooting. The film chronicles the story of Daniel Pearl, the journalist who was kidnapped in Pakistan, and beheaded and his widow, Mariane Pearl, who battled against the Pakistani bureaucracy to piece together his story. Her co-star, Dan Futterman, discussed the limitations caused by filming with such a high-profile co-star with Entertainment Weekly.

”It would usually take about five minutes before people would figure out that it was Angelina,” says Futterman. ”So we ended up shooting a lot of the exterior stuff in five-minute increments.”

And, the reality-television-style filming style used by the director, Michael Winterbottom, had both its advantages and disadvantages, says Jolie.

”The crew would have to find places to hide — behind curtains or in the bathroom — to stay out of the shots,” Jolie says of the process. ”The great thing about it is if you felt like going somewhere else while doing a scene, you could. But it could get intense. Michael and I would have disagreements over wherehe could follow me. We came up with a system. If I closed the door, he couldn’t follow. If I left it open, he could. I just needed to know that if things got too heavy, there’d be a place for me to cry by myself.”

I don’t know about you, but the bathtub’s where I do my best crying. Nothing beats a good cry in the tub, especially if your clothes are on and the shower’s running. I like to pretend I’m in an old-school boy-band video and suddenly, my spirits are lifted. And please, don’t think that I’m being dismissive of Angie’s feelings in this last bit–I’m just being weird, per usual.