Festive Pets In Christmas Hats! [PHOTOS]

Bunnies in Santa hats!  Bunnies in Santa hats!

Our friends over at Galt Toys are hosting a “Festive Pets” competition to determine the jazziest holiday pet.  Rabbits stuffed in hats don’t do it for you?  How about horses?  Parrots?  You know what?  You pick.

For those of you who think your pets are cuter than this, send your photo by email to galttoyscomps@gmail.com or tweet @GaltToys with your photo and the hashtag #festivepets. You can can also share your photo on the Galt Toys Facebook page.

The competition closes this Sunday, December 2nd with the best photo (as judged by Galt) receiving Galt’s folding trampoline.

Click here for details.

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