Fergie’s Lesbian Tryst For ‘I Gotta Feeling’ Music Video

Just because Fergie’s married doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy some girl-on-girl action in the most recent Black Eyed Peas music video for their single “I Gotta Feeling.” Fergie’s admitted she’s bisexual in the past, but has since settled down with the opposite sex.

The 34-year-old pop star, who recently married her longtime boyfriend Josh Duhamel, talked about the sexy scenes and said, “I met the girls right before we did the scene. They were beautiful. They were hot. One of them was the director’s girlfriend–so he was happy!”

 I suspect a lot of people will “getta feeling” from watching this music video.

Gallery Info: Fergie from the “I Gotta Feeling” music video and Apldeap, Fergie, Kanye West, Mentor Williams, Taboo and Wilmer Valderrama at the Black Eyed Peas  album release party in New York City.