Fergie to Pimp For Candies

February 1st, 2007 // 9 Comments

Yes, Fergie is the new face of Candies. Totally fitting right? Although I never thought I would hear the words Fergie and spokesperson in the same sentence.

Fergie joins past Candie’s spokespeople Destiny’s Child, Hilary Duff, Dixie Chicks and Jenny McCarthy. Candie’s is sold exclusively at Kohl’s department stores and on Kohls.com.

The first television ad will feature Fergie’s song “Glamorous” from her solo album “The Dutchess.” “I had so much fun shooting the campaign, playing up the glam side of my personality, and I am excited to have my current single, ‘Glamorous’ be the music for the TV commercial,” the singer said in a statement released Wednesday.

The commercial features Fergie hanging out in her Beverly Hills home while a voyeur looks on. Fergie realizes that someone is watching her and she plays it up in what the advertiser describes as “a fun and sexy Candie’s way.”

So she’s basically going to act like her same slutty self.

Photos of Fergie having some fun with her man Josh Duhamel are after the jump.


By Jessica Marx

  1. pissy pants

    B to the U to the T T E R F A C E.

  2. Unknown

    She is a slutty ex-meth addict! Why can’t these companies find decent spokespeople?!?

  3. hmweis1

    Isn’t Candies supposed to be for teens? Why do they have someone in their 30s pimping it?

  4. Grrr

    I’ll never understand the hatred for Fergie. Yeah, she’s a but-her-face, and yeah, she’s kinda misguided in the “what’s sexy and what’s not sexy”. But, damn, she’s not a bitch or a prima donna or anything. What’s the problem?

  5. Duh


    I think some people are annoyed by the fact that she’s always singing about how hot she thinks she is and that everyone’s man wants to get with her. She’s just not hot enough, from the neck up, to make such a claim. And, from the neck down, not all of that is God given. Anyone can go have some fake tits installed.

    She’s also had work done on her face, which makes me wonder how bad things could have been BEFORE the surgery if this is supposed to be an improvement.

  6. JC

    What disgusted me was the video where she comes out on stage and is flopping her tatas with her hands! What the???

  7. david`

    she’s not doing anything that Madonna didn’t do before her. she’s an entertainer; regardless of what she’s singing, it’s just a song. it’s not necessarily representative of her or her life.

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