Fergie Through A Filtered Lens

February 13th, 2006 // 27 Comments

Bless the souls of the attendees of the Daytona 500 this year, for they will have to endure an overwrought rendition of the national anthem sung by Fergie.

More photos of a fuzzy Fergie, after the jump.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. DJ

    Filter or no filter….still a tranny

  2. mutterhals

    I concur; still nasty

  3. doofus

    ew. so, even with a filter and some major photoshop, she still has the frog-face look.

    what is it with people and plastic surgery? it really does seem like some people get addicted to it.

  4. JustMe

    Oh my god, she looks like she’s 50!

  5. Pablo

    Those bumps, those bumps, those lovely lady bumps… ribbit.

  6. Dr. Tia

    I think she looks great

  7. King Smart Ian

    That lense has more vaseline on it than Clay Aiken’s jockey shorts. Bah-da-boom!

  8. prtyprincess

    She looks like she is trying to become jessica simpson, Do we have no influence at all?

  9. Small Fry

    I love that they have to “filter” her face, but the rest of her body looks totally in focus. Hate to break it to ya Ferg, but even with a blury face you are still looking rough.

  10. Artemisia

    Ewe! the alien in the foreground of the second picture looks better than her!!

    She does look like she is a 50 year old drunk!!

  11. c

    A busted up tranny is still a busted up tranny no matter how you filter it. Tranny McStains is one nasty bitch.

  12. Cynthia


  13. fancypants

    You know, I hated Stacey on Kids Incorporated, but I did not think she was ugly. Now,however, a filtered lens can’t even help her. What did she do to herself, maybe it was that old meth habit.

  14. Lionel

    LMAO @ the prettier Alien in the background.

  15. anona

    At least she doesn’t have that drawn in-peaked-uni-brow that she usaually has. That chick looks at least 40. Her weave is jacked as well.

  16. petitefleur

    I swear I saw Fergie/Froggie on one of Maury’s ‘DUDE, NOT A DUDE’ episode. She has the most busted face of anyone in Hollywood.

  17. petitefleur

    …and is it just me or does she sort of resemble Kirstie Alley? Yikes!

  18. La MasFlow Dos

    I really really really hate to be mean but I think she resembles the beast in the TV version of Beauty and the Beast. Yikes. If only she would give an explanation then maybe we’d leave her alone. :(

  19. What...

    Fergie resembles the girl from ‘My Girl’ but in the sequel when she has lost her cuteness. Does anyone have a picture so that we can compare?

  20. Silasdog

    Doofua, King Smart, you guys are rockin’ this place. Really, can anybody look at her and NOT think of a frog? Ribit, ribit.

  21. Jynx

    I like to blur my eyes when i look at her anyway

  22. i don’t care about her voice etc… i don’t think she’s really good looking. All i know is that she have a very HOT boyfriend. oh my!!!

  23. Candy

    She looks pretty.

  24. Maychen

    How come when she’s laying on the couch there’s some creepy alien dude in the window?

  25. Chrissy

    If she was a meth-head I wonder if that is what aged her so much?

  26. Imperatrix

    She is beautyful, perfection itself…the face, the body…but two days ago a friend of mine told me she saw an mtv interview with her about 5 years ago and she said Fergie was fat…is that true??? Are there some photos??

  27. CJ

    She still freaks me out and even worse, the filter and sunlight coming through the window can’t help her. Keep the cameras away from zoom!

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