Fergie May Be Leaving The Black Eyed Peas

According to RadarOnline, Fergie is freaking sick of Will.i.am’s bullshit and wants out of the Black Eyed Peas. I can’t say I blame her.

Apparently, she can’t deal with his massive ego anymore and although the band is scheduled for the world tour in 2011, she hasn’t committed to the tour. Although the Black Eyed Peas having been smashing records with their latest release ‘The E.N.D.’ and becoming one of the few bands who have accomplished three hits, Boom Boom Pow, Imma Be and I Gotta Feeling, from a single album, Fergie is out.

“I don’t know if she’ll admit or deny it when it leaks out, but I do
know that it’s 100 percent true, she’s got everything planned out and
she says she can’t be convinced to change her mind,” a source said.

Seen here performing a song during the kick-off celebration concert for the 2010
FIFA World Cup at the Orlando Stadium on June 10th in Soweto, South
Africa, she is also dealing with rumors that she is ready to settle down with her stripper loving hubby Josh Duhamel and have a baby. She was seen previously with some semblance of a baby bump, but it could just be a bad angle. However, in these photos, she mostly appears to be a space cadet with well groomed crotch who wants to rip Will.i.am’s head off.

Either way, make sure not to call her future baby or the Fergalicious herself fugly, because it hurts her feelings.

Who knows whether Will.i.am is a freaking egomaniac or not? It wouldn’t surprise me. I do have to give him credit for rallying for Obama and for managing to become a holograph like
Obi-Wan Kenobi in CNN headquarters during the counting of the votes, which was totally badass.