Fergie Looks Good In Elle At The Expense Of French Fries

Is that worth it? For me, it goes without saying.

Fergie recently took her rumored stripper-loving husband, Josh Duhamel, to an Avon and Elle Magazine party celebrating Fergie’s May issue. She divulged to the ‘zine that she tells herself french fries are poison to keep her from eating too much. I only run if and when someone is chasing me – so frankly I’m not about to give up french fries for the sake of looking fly. But that’s why I’m faceless.

Despite all the chitter-chatter about her hubby’s cheating ways, Fergie discussed her marriage with Josh and told Elle she has “come to know each other a lot better, you grow together, and it makes you love each other that much deeper.” So, cheers to them.

On another note, how hot is Zachary Quinto? The guy doesn’t quit.

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