Fergie Launches Dueling Shoe Collections

Whoah, I’m still getting used to seeing with her dark hair. It looks good but just so different–so serious. Or for Fergie, I guess I should say S-E-R-I-O-U-S.

If you’re digging on the pop star’s ever-changing style, she’s now making it easy for you to follow her footwear fashions. The Black-Eyed Pea revealed two different shoe collections online: Fergie and Fergalicious by Fergie.

It might sound confusing, but according to her collaborator the Brown Show Company, “The Fergie brand consumer admires ‘Fergie the Fashionista’ and wants trend-right shoes that move easily from day to evening. The woman who wears Fergalicious by Fergie relates to ‘Fergie the Pop Culture Icon,’ and seeks shoes with an edgy look.”

We hope that clears up any confusion.

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