Fergie & Josh Duhamel Renew Wedding Vows

January 11th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Dressed entirely in black as she leaves her house for the recording studio, Fergie looks more like a woman in mourning than one celebrating the first anniversary of marriage. The Black Eyed Peas singer recently renewed her vows to hubby, Josh Duhamel in a super secret ceremony.

RadarOnline.com reports that the event took place just outside of Santa Barbara and the ceremony lasted less than 15 minutes. A snitch tells the website, “They were both dressed nicely and walked right out to the bluff outside the hotel where weddings often take place.”   

The source adds, “A minister was waiting for them…Fergie was crying and seemed very emotional.” Even though the couple have only been married for a year, they’ve been plagued with highly-publicized claims that Josh cheated on Fergie with an Atlanta-based stripper.

Sounds like they want to try and extend the honeymoon phase, since that first year didn’t exactly go great.

By Lisa Timmons

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