Fergie is Without a Diamond or a Baby

Fergie saw fit to tell us that she isn’t engaged or pregnant . Uh, thanks. I think it would be hot if normal people started releasing press about their everyday status. For the record, I am neither adopting a child or going back to school anytime soon. Do you care? Me neither. Shut up, Fergie!

Fergie wants to set the record straight, again: She and her boyfriend, Las Vegas star Josh Duhamel, are not engaged.

“I’ve heard that I’ve been engaged probably about seven times, and pregnant, but I’ve never been either,” she told reporters in Miami on Thursday. “Sorry to disappoint.”

Who asked your ass? And stop ruining Willy Wonka with your cake-slathered body! Try and embrace your wholesome Kids Inc. roots! Looks like we made it, we’re Kids Incorp-O-rated!