Fergie In A Bikini – Not Such A Good Thing

January 23rd, 2006 // 24 Comments

Actually, the body isn’t bad, it’s just the face. She looks weathered. The woman is only 30 and she looks Susan Sarandon‘s age.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. bestdress

    Her arms look’s like my grannys and she’s 75 and lets not start talking about her face…my granny looks younger than 75!
    lol (I think i’m showing teeth?)

  2. Madi

    She used to be so hot..she was a meth addict, so that shit is catching up to her.

  3. lks

    You honestly believe she is 30? Absolutely not.

  4. Sheryl

    There is no way this girl is 30 years old. Someone call smoking gun and have them out her. She’s pushing 40 (at the least). My God, even Madonna could pass for 30 before this one. Nasty face.

  5. Brooke Shields

    Is that a pee stain I see?

  6. Self Tanner

    You have to rub me in, Fergie, or else I leave nasty dark splotches all over your skin!

  7. Krystyn

    I believe these photos are old. They were in a magazine that I read sometime over the summer. If you see recent pics of her, she has gained a bunch of weight…

  8. King Smart Ian

    I don’t think even Jude Law would touch her.

  9. jakejustice

    josh must be dumber than he looks. gross.

  10. dae

    what is Josh doing with this gal? That’s just wrong!!!

  11. theweddingplanner

    She can’t be 30. I’m older than her and I know I look better than that. My god, you can count the crows feet.

  12. Nancy Pants

    Josh is gay. Fergie is merely his beard. Unfortunately, she forgot to shave it before that picture.

  13. alexi

    I thought she was supposed to be “fit”. She looks…like my mom. With a firmer stomach. (no offense ma).

  14. wanda

    You’re nuts. She’s as cute as can be. Her age is pretty well documented on IMDB, etc. Great bod and her face is not so haggard – you can tell that’s crap hotel lighting! give a hottie a break!

  15. /-\Alexander/-\

    OK. Short arms. Stubby Legs. I’m not even going to comment on the face. No surgery can replace bad genes and bone structure. But you can rock a song, girl…even if you sing like you just got done snorting a line.

  16. jodroc

    I agree with Wanda. Baaad lighting. She is pretty cool, but looked better before the work!
    her voice is great.

  17. naty

    She definately is 30 (turning 31), I went to a weekend Girl Scout outing with her when we were all about 11-12. We were all amazed to be there with the Kids Inc. girl. The party life definately caught up to her.

  18. Not much of a Hump…looks like a dogs ass

  19. b.i.t.c.h.

    She looks like crap. And she needs to get some matching shoes.


  20. Green Eyed Angell

    Ok, go to the post before and look at her from her Kids Inc days… Hello?… does anyone else see the blonde spoiled princess? When did she decide she was going to go for this Latina vixen look?
    She’s had A LOT of work!

  21. mischa

    I think her body looks good. Maybe not her face but body yes. Don’t forget the camera add’s 10 pounds.

  22. Jynx

    She’s so goddamn freckly. Ugh and she has “teacher” elbows. Look like EZ cheese was injected into parts of her face, knees, and mid-belly. And mama feet.
    And in that last pic.. what the hell is that spine looking thing on her side belly? Its all bumpy over there. What did she have to eat? Its on the right. Really look. That’s not normal.


  23. Julia

    I think she’s gorgeous, especially for her age, and #13, your mom must be hot.

  24. Chris

    You people should get a life…sheesh…everyone’s a critic. She likely looks better than any of you

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