It Hurts Fergie’s Feelings When You Call Her Fugly

April 8th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Fergie opened up to ELLE magazine about how she maintains her rocking bod and
married life with Josh Duhamel…but it still stings when we (inevitably)  call her fugly!

“It has hurt me in the past when people say things like how ‘fugly’ I am
or how horrible I look,” the singer said. “I’ve had to learn not to give it such a high
priority in life…. Look, when you’re trying to juggle all of this in
your life, sometimes you’re not going to look perfect. I don’t have
time to get a facial every couple of days.”

Still, no denying Fergie maintains a ferocious figure. Her secret? Hypnonisis.

“I’m not going to lie: There are times I play mind tricks on myself,
like that the french fries are poison,” she says. I’ll have to try that. Except, french fries kind of already are my poison.

By Lola Robertson

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