Fergie Dresses Like Mrs. Roper; World Disapproves

Exhibit A for your perusal!

So Fergie flew to Miami to catch a Dolphins game on Saturday and her outfit, a leopard kaftan and floppy hat, seems not to be setting the world on fire.  Please do read The Daily Mail’s scathing review here (I dare you).

I know I’m supposed to rip bitches heads off with my meanie mean words, but really, it’s not so bad.  She’s in Miami after all, so I guess she should dress like my Nana (as if my Nana would EVER wear that; I love you, Nana!).  I really only have one bone to pick with Miss Fergie here (and it has nothing to do with all of the Sweet N’ Low packets in her purse), and that is the literal leopard face on her torso.  It’s nose seems to have wedged itself into her crotch and I resent having to squint at Fergie’s lady area this early in the morning (although I can’t say I’m comfortable doing that at any time of day now that I think on it).  What do you fashion gods and goddesses think of the kaftan that launched a thousand boos?

Feel free to check out the whole ensemble in the gallery (now with more super excited Asian people)!

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