Fergie And Her Lumps

February 22nd, 2006 // 50 Comments

Kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. d.c.

    Dodo making the stretch marks appear faster?

  2. Tracy

    That’s all she’s good for…

  3. sophisticrite

    I was unaware that silicone breasts had any mobility.

  4. spitty

    All I can say is I’m speechless. LOL! I needed the laugh. Chest looks fuller than usually.

  5. dior_chick83

    what the hell…she looks like my grandmother, she should sit down and stop acting like a H.A.M.

    H.A.M.= hot a$$ mess

  6. spitty

    Where is this from? I need the see the full performance.

  7. JSP

    You know, Josh Duhamel was engaged to his long-time girlfriend (who was much prettier than Fergie) before he dumped her for this sleaze. What was he thinking?

  8. spitty

    She needs some new tacks in her mop. Her face looks a little worn.

  9. spitty

    Fergie looks exotic. That’s it an exotic beauty.

  10. Carson

    Hag-o-Rama. She’s a beater.

  11. Silasdog

    What a piece of human dung she is. And her group is the kind of flowing raw sewage that passes for music these days. Hey, let ‘em sell their moronic CD’s, I’m not buying ‘em.

  12. susiesneds

    WOW! What an, A-1/TOP NOTCH/ ARTIST/ENTERTAINER/MEGA-TALENTED-performer you are Fergie! Gosh…grabbing your hooters and shaking ‘em all about is just so.. so.. I don’t know… what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yeah….SLUTTY.
    You’re parents must be sooo proud!

  13. DJ

    Once again, Fugly Fergie is showing her one and only talent….

  14. Dr. tia

    I’m sorry but I dont understand this picture? Whats the big deal about it? What is she doing ?

  15. Dr. tia

    Nevermind lol … my comp is sloow .. I see it now. She’s grabbin her tits.

  16. Emily

    Man Fergie just needs to do something with her face! She shouldnt spend money on her boobs she should have gotten a face lift or somethin.

  17. Small Fry

    The sad part is, they probably rehearsed that over and over and over. The look on her frog face is priceless.

  18. Marley

    I hope her lady lumps fall off.

  19. Emily


  20. petitefleur

    yick…that image totally ruined my day. When will this panty waste we call Fergie just disappear alreay?

  21. Ray

    Wow so many haters here, she looks hot and i would love to be the official lump shaker for fergie. Kind of like a fluffer on a porn set but i just need to loosen her breasts up before the show. ideal!

  22. Cheesy

    Ah, once again, Fergie spells class with a “k.”

  23. narp

    This is from Dutch tv :o
    From the festival ‘Pinkpop’ or ‘Lowlands’

    Google on NPS

  24. doofus

    unfortunately, emily, froggie…oh, I mean FERGIE…has already done stuff to her face.

    which is why she’s fish-lips frog-face fergie.

  25. narp

    this is an old video, just found out it was “Pinkpop” ’04

  26. trixy

    she sucks, she’s pushing 40, let her do whatever it is she needs to do…IT’S SAD AND QUITE DISGUSTING…SOMEBODY GET HER NEW SILLY PUTTY FOR HER MUG B/C SHE’S STARTING TO MELT

  27. Katie

    You know I only recently found out that Fergie was the little blonde girl on that old show “Kids Incorporated” on the Disney channel in the 80′s. I used to watch that. That freaked me out when I looked it up and saw her face as a kid again. Yikes!

  28. manee

    Oh please let’s be real. Men are turned on by that if they aren’t gay. Fergie also is pretty talented. I saw her sing the national anthem this weekend and she has quite a voice. Sounds l ike a lot of jealous women and gay men bash her a lot!

  29. neeko

    she so should not flap her tits around like that- they will be by her knees in a couple of years, but then i guess she would just have them tacked back under her chin again anyway. she’s nasty and haggard looking. i don’t know how people find it attractive. yuck

  30. starla

    Miu! I’m trying to eat my lunch for pete’s sake!

  31. Emily

    lol ya’ll are halarious

  32. Llinx

    I think this is from a Dutch festival called Pinkpop. I saw them there and I don’t remember the tits-throwing bit but I do remember the clothes. It was a good performance though…

  33. Cynthia

    Jealous? How can anyone decent be jealous of these trashy no-talent bitches who have to resort to sleaze for attention?

  34. Jonathon Holmes, PsD

    Damn Fergie is hot!!!!!!
    I would hit it in a heartbeat.

  35. marsters

    Even from that far away her face is still streched further than Mr.Fantastics Sac. If I may be so bold to quote the Gingerbread Man,”Your a MONSTER!”

  36. Unknown

    Just one more slutty whore….

  37. betin

    You know, I don’t think she is gorgeous, but Josh obviously does. He was on EXTRA last night saying “how cute is she?” and gushing over her. Maybe she is sweet, he says she is.

    I happened to see his ex girlfriend with him when he was on the soap at an event and she was a controlling pain. She was not that pretty either. I think Josh is glad to be rid of her.

  38. Rabid Raider

    She’s a hotty with great style and a pretty voice. Who knows what the situation was live. Who cares she’s just shaking her lumps. Her body is unquestionably hot & hard. She has nice eyes and hair. Her face may not be perfect but it definitely does not pass as ugly. Check out some of the sites online that show some of these ‘hot’ celebrities when they weren’t prepared for the camera. I’d pop Fergie in a heartbeat. She rox!

  39. BowandQuiffer

    OK, to all the dumbasses that use the word “jealous” and “hater.” Fergie CAN sing, and I like the little cleft in her chin and her tight abs.

    BUT, that video blurb with the tit-grab and shake actually looks really nasty. It looks like she stuffed 4 lbs of chicken cutlet in a plastic bag and dropped it in her shirt. They don’t even look like they’re attached to her sternum.

    If it was a guy with a huge package wearing some really tight turquoise biker shorts and grabbed it and jiggled it in front of a bunch of people, this would be a TOTALLY different post, wouldn’t it?

    So guys, just shut it!

  40. Unknown


  41. Silasdog

    Frog face Fergies and her pimps are candidates for the celebrity septic tank.

  42. jamms

    Umm well this isn’t even close to as sleazy as Madonna the young ho was on stage or Madonna the hypocritical middle aged ho is! Madonna put a crucifix between her legs and pretended to masturbate with it! Then in her 40′s while saying she won’t let her brats even watch PBS and Sesame street, she makes out with Brittany who is young enough to be her child!

    Sorry but try a little harder to say Fergie is the big sleaze, she doesn’t even come close to many!

  43. Ninnie

    have you read her quote at imdb?

    “I started doing Ecstasy. Then I got addicted to crystal methamphetamine. My weight dropped to 90lb. I lied to my friends and said I was bulimic. Finally I started going crazy. In that moment I talked to God and He said: ‘I’ve given you all these gifts, so what are you doing?’ I decided to get clean. I told everybody what was wrong.”

    She was a friggin meth addict. So that’s how she got her looks. *lol*

  44. Lorena S.

    What a wonderful person to look up to! *ACK*

  45. jamms

    Lorena, Umm yeah it is a good person to look up to, she admitted her problem and got over it and came clean. Someone please still tell me just how Madonna who does and did what she does, and still is a pervert at her age, is a better role model to write and read books to children? You hate Fergie, fine, but she did clean up her life, and you can’t deal with that nor can you deal with the fact she really is talented, or that straight men do find her hot. Most of you are gay men, or straight women, who spend time online bashing. Seems Fergie has a real life, and you don’t.

  46. Lorea S.

    Madonna a role model? YIKES! She is anything but a role model. She is good at marketing herself. Congrats to Fergie for cleaning up her life. That takes a lot fo guts and work also. But sorry to say, I HATE women who are only interested in showcasing their body parts. Especially in such a tasteless way. Women are constantly complaining about not being taken seriously, etc., but then they act like this! And no, I have a very full life and have no need to act in such a tasteless way. Unlike this idiot.

  47. MCB

    Um, does this mean that she is in her mid to late 30′s??? If so darn she looks good!

  48. tom

    wat u ppl talkin bot fergie is downright hot did u see her in the music videio my humps she looks so hottt her ass is so nice mmm n she pretty 2 i would love to fuck fergie she rlly hott!!!!!!!

  49. Kell

    I finally figured out what they’re doing there! I think they’re singing Hey Mama and they didn’t want to say ti- uh…that word! and so she just does uh…that. That’s the same thing they did at a concert I went to. Uh….just wanted to say that and also: LEAVE HER ALONE, MY LORD! It’s alright to not like her but you don’t have to constantly right insults about her!

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