Fergie Launches New Fragrance, Goes Military

Fergie isn’t just a singer that works with her husband Josh Duhamel to help schools in North Dakota. Nope, it is a little known fact that she is always quite the perfumer. It’s reported that Fergie is launching her second fragrance, Avon: Outspoken Intense, following up the great success of Avon: Outspoken.

The best part is that Fergie went all the way to Russia to launch it. I love it! She clearly took the Russian opportunity to pose with some attractive military folk. Well, the dude on the left is attractive, no?

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Hopefully she gets back in time for her football viewings, as we know she and Josh love those. Also, they should have her and the Black Eyed Peas perform at more games. Maybe I’d watch football if there was the promise of awesome performances. That’s the only reason I watch the Superbowl.

Are you excited about Fergie’s new fragrance? I’m sure Fergie would smell herself all the time if she could–she already likes to touch herself. The price for the perfume is $30. Not bad at all. Apparently it’s supposed to make you feel the thrill of performing. Sounds fun, no?