Felicity Gave Birth To A Soft-Spoken Navel-Gazing Baby

June 19th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Keri Russell, best known for her role on “Felicity” and my favorite part of “Mission Impossible III”, gave birth on June 9 in NYC to son River Russell Deary. Why even tell us, the kid is practically walking and talking by now. It’s already in college. Keri and her husband announced they were having a baby and then got married on Valentine’s Day so the baby wouldn’t be a bastard. My parents did the same thing. I’ve always lived with the eternal shame that Ri-Ri Harvey was knocked up with me when she went down the aisle. I was at my parents’ wedding. They would often assure me that no, no we were going to get married anyway! This just moved things up! They should have gone with the truth which is – you’re why Daddy drank so much. Poor Felicity’s baby. He’s in for a rough ride.


By J. Harvey

  1. xoxo

    you have a strange sense of humour. not fun at all.

  2. Fifi

    I am very happy for Keri Russell, I always loved her in Felicity and i am glad she is married and the baby is doing well. I am sure they are very much in love and happy… quit hating. Nowadays most people will not get married just for the baby.

  3. lala

    j, i lovah your bastard self. i also lovah when you talk about ri-ri harvey. which reminds me, when are we gonna hear ri-ri’s thoughts on the new maroon 5 album (we KNOW she has it) or, frankly, anything? *cough* guest blogger? *cough*

  4. caroline

    wrong. j has the BEST sense of humor. YOU have no sense of humor in the way that you have none at all, xoxo

  5. Kare Bear

    Sounds like xoxo is mad because it possibly hit a little too close to home. Either they were at their parent’s wedding or their child was at theirs??? LMAOOOO Get used to it xoxo J. Harvey is a “snarky” SOB & I truely mean that in the most affectionate way!!!

  6. S_M_G

    J, you crack me up :-)

  7. nana

    lmfao! i was at my parents wedding too.. i was three, yet i don’t remember a thing.. bastard kids are cool! look at us :p

  8. gemmigirl

    I think your comments are completely unfair. i think it’s beautiful that two people can love their child enough to make a commitment like marraige in this day and age. So many other don’t even try to do half as much!

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