Felicity And Baby

Here’s Keri Russell out with baby River. It must be nice to be carried around in a sling on a sunny day. I want that. Keri’s starring in a new movie with Sigourney Weaver, Kate Bosworth, Allesandro Nivola (who I have a mancrush on, IMDB his ass) wherein she plays crazy Sigourney’s daughter-in-law. It’s called “The Girl In The Park”. Sigourney plays a woman whose life falls apart after her toddler is kidnapped and then gets conned by Kate Bosworth. How does a pile of twigs in a designer dress con someone?

The son and daughter-in-law, played by Alessandro Nivola and Keri Russell, are budding suburbanites who are planning for a new child and have no intention of living their lives in the past, but the past is the only place Julia feels safe, and there seems to be little prospect of her returning to any kind of social normalcy. This is the lay of the land when Louise comes into the picture. A sleazy drifter and scam-artist in her young twenties, played effectively by Superman’s dame Kate Bosworth, Louise meets Julia in the city by chance and picks up on her vulnerability, perhaps sensing she’s some old, lonely lesbian who can be taken for a ride and cleaned out or more simply, someone who will feel sorry for her.

The flick got good reviews at this year’s Toronto Film Festival. Sigourney’s always playing some tough, crazy bitch. I love that about her. She probably wiped the floor with Felicity, but Keri’s still in that learning stage where she wants to work with the greats and soak up movie knowledge like a sponge. Take some notes, Kirsten Dunst!


More photos of Keri Russell with her baby are after the jump.


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