Felicity Huffman Releases ‘Lesster’ As Part Of ‘The Responsibility Project’

Felicity Huffman released the educational short film Lesster as part of Liberty Mutual’s “The Responsibility Project,” to help raise environmental awareness and promote personal responsibility.

The short is about a busy mom (Huffman) and dad who are trying to teach their son the value of taking an environmental stand on Earth Day, yet ironically are unaware of the small day-to-day impacts they have on the environment by leaving lights on, water running and wasting energy. ‘Lesster’ is their son’s super hero alter ego who saves the day – and the environment – by doing right by Mother Earth and following up after his parents’ unbeknown wasteful ways.

To learn more about “The Responsibility Project,” visit http://www.responsibilityprojectfilms.com. And to enjoy Lesster (a clever play on words), check out the video after the jump!

The film, written and directed by Huffman, is part of Liberty Mutual’s “The Responsibility Project” and joins the ranks of educational and entertaining films such as Danny Glover’s Second Line, which was released earlier this year, and films written and/or directed by Sarah Chalke, Ron Livingston, Zachary Levi, Jack McBrayer, Milo Ventimiglia and Masi Oka.

The Responsibility Project