Feenixpawl Spin At The Yost Theater In Santa Ana, CA [Interview]

By definition, a Mafia is described as a criminal syndicate. It is a loose association of criminal groups that share a common organizational structure and code of conduct. Each group claims sovereignty over a territory in which it operates. In electronic music, this particular territory is something we refer to as the Axtone Label. Otherwise known as the music label owned by Swedish Superstar DJ/Producer, Axwell

Since joining the record label, Feenixpawl (aka Aden & Josh) have become part of the criminally good Swedish House Mafia entityThe role they play though is distinctive because of the nostalgia that has infused itself into their music. For example, their hit single, In My Mind, starts to play and a merry-go-round of memories start to surface. Feenixpawl’s music is a celebration of youth and innocent juvenile delinquency.

Aden & Josh will be dropping their new single “Universe,” within the next week featuring whimsical vocals from Quilla. Before it is released I thought I would do a Q & A with the star-studded DJs to see where they draw their inspiration from.

Check out the interview below. 

E. Nusgart: How did the both on you decide on “Feenixpawl” for a stage name?

Feenixpawl: We wish we had an interesting story but we don’t really. Aden’s middle name is Phoenix and my (Josh’s) middle name is Paul. So we put the two together and changed the spelling. We wanted a unique word that meant something us.

 E. Nusgart: What is it like being part of the acclaimed, Axtone Record label?

Feenixpawl: Its a great honor! We’ve always wanted to sign a track to Axtone and to finally be able to do was a dream come true. The crew at the label are fantastic and have been so great to us.

E. Nusgart: I know you guys have been nominated for an ARIA award. Besides yourselves, who do you think deserves to win?

Feenixpawl: We think Knife Party will take it out. Those guys have been on fire and totally deserve it.

E. Nusgart: What is your favorite thing about preforming live?

Feenixpawl: It always gives me tingles when we fly across the world and play our tracks and people know the words. Its very humbling and quite surreal.

 E. Nusgart: When your not creating music, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Feenixpawl: We are geeks at heart. We watch a lot of cartoons like Family Guy and South Park, plus we love to play video games. We’re also basketball nuts and we play a few times a week.

 E. Nusgart: I think a lot of people confuse House music for Dubstep, what do you think is the main difference between the two genres?

Feenixpawl: …who does that?

E.Nusgart: What is it like traveling around the world for your current tour?

Feenixpawl: Loving it! We love to tour. To be able to travel the world, connecting with people that enjoy our music is an absolute blessing.

E. Nusgart: Tell me about some of your upcoming projects. I know, Universe, is about to drop soon?

Feenixpawl: Yeah Universe is out in a week. Its very exciting and David Tort smashed the remix. We have a whole bunch of new stuff coming out, a lot of just Feenixpawl projects but also some collaborations. We’ve hooked up with Ivan Gough again and its sounding good, so stay tuned!

 E. Nusgart: Who writes your lyrics for the songs? I love the lyrics for In My Mind.

Feenixpawl: We generally work with singers who also write. Georgi Kay wrote the lyrics for In My Mind and she did such an amazing job. She’s quite the poet! Quilla, who we collaborated with on Universe, wrote those lyrics and she was great to work with.