Feeling Like Hell

January 6th, 2006 // 38 Comments

So sorry that we have no new updates today, but unfortunatley I have an extreme case of the flu. So Katie Holmes and Lindsay Lohan will have to cry/throw up on your shoulder all by yourself. We will see you bright and early this coming Monday morning.


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. lisa


    I hit your site at least 10x a day for new stuff, so I’m going to miss you!

    It is more important that you are well so take care of yourself and get some rest!

  2. JaneSays

    So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Make sure you’re getting plenty of fluids and rest! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. moss


    We love you! Feel better! Wallow in bed with lots of pillows and get a cabana boy to wait on you. :)

  4. Lynn


    Call your doctor for Tamiflu! Supposedly it works like magic!!!!

    We will miss you…I guess we will get alot of work done today!

  5. fizzix

    Get well soon. I miss you already.

  6. marty

    Are you sure my boss didn’t pay you to stay away today? I have a huge deadline that might have gotten sidelined by my constant review of your site.

    Feel better!!!

  7. Blindqueen

    Love you toots! Get well soon.

  8. the wedding planner

    I’ll miss you, please get well soon

  9. ella

    Yes Miu, I love you too and want you to feel better. No martinis while in recovery :)

  10. Lisa

    Hope you feel better soon. Get plenty of rest!

  11. l boogie

    I too visit this site about 50 X a day, I even find my self refreshing the page in hopes that some new delciously wicked gossip will appear…However, I disagree with Lisa, it is more important to make our somewhat trivial and boring lives exciting, its a public service that you owe to us, you should be like the mailman, don’t let the rain, sleet, snow, hail, flu, dismemberment or any of the such slow you down..

  12. Christi

    I hope that you feel better soon.
    Ever since I found your site a few months ago I have been a slave to your entries. You must receive a flu shot next year I can’t go without you!

  13. bestdress

    Oh what will I do now? I guess I’m gonna have to depend on google news today. I agree with I boogie don’t be like the mailman don’t let that flu stop you…please? Get well!

  14. lisa

    Okay, I boogie is making me confess….I too hit “refresh” on the site to make sure I don’t miss anything. See! I even came back to see what was up even though I knew you weren’t going to post today…

    Good Lord! I just realized, if you died, I would have to go into a 12-step program to get over my addiction!

  15. Ashley

    Hope it’s not bird flu, that would suck. I was paranoid for a little bit when I first heard about it and I thought I had it so I convinced myself that if I don’t die in 3 days i’ll stop worrying about it. But it’s been around since the early 1900′s which is crazy to me.

  16. Laura Lord Belle

    I must admit that I to visit this site about 60 times a day ( and yes, I too refresh it..) Oh! the tragic shame of it all!!

    I hope you feel better soon, I too just got over a horrible two week flu, it made me so lethargic/weak.

    I got by on chicken noodle soup, spicy Thai soups ( good for the sinuses) and lots of bad tv…and gossip/fashion mags I would plead my boyfriend to buy me!!

  17. uptown slacker

    Two words for you Miu:

    echinaecea and ginger. both will help you to feel better!

  18. Cori

    Just came upon your site recently and have been reading it numerous times a day since then. Fell better, you will be missed today!!!

  19. OhMyGoddess

    Get Well Soon, Dear!!! And thanks again for picking me as Caption 109 Contest Winner.

    a/k/a “Bad Lady”

  20. Zelda F.

    Miu, sorry to hear that you’re ill. Not enough martini’s, a few more will kill all those bad germs in your body. I hope you feel better soon, I’m sure going to miss your updates. Don’t know how I’ll get thru work without them!

  21. Mike

    Two words…PINEAPPLE JUICE! High in Vitamin C and excellent for breaking up congestion due to the acidity! Better, of course, with some tasty vanilla vodka…but oh well! Get well soon! My co-workers and I love the site!

  22. topnotch

    Cure = t-shirt, sweatshirt, longjohns, sweatpants, a beanie, pair of mittens, two pair of thick socks, and take a ten hour nap. Keep a pitcher of ice water next to your bed, and keep chuggin it.

    Get Well

  23. Miss PR

    Oh no! Hope you feel better very soon. I feel out of the loop without you. Get some rest. Holla!

  24. PleaseThink

    Oh no, now I am actaully going to have to do some work with you under the weather. Well for me this could be a good thing but I feel sorry for you. I hope you feel better. Drink lots of Chicken Noodle Soup and take a shot of whiskey. Yes thats the KY in me coming out.

  25. joana

    sorry about your sick…. hot tea and a good night sleep, full of clothes!!! it really works!!!
    hope your ok soonnnnnnnnnn

  26. KittyLiterati

    I’m sorry you’re sick, Miu. I read and comment here religiously.
    Alas, today I’ll actually have to do some work.

    Look on the bright side-at least you’re not in the hospital with a case of “celebrity exhaustion.”

    Feel better soon, Miu.

  27. rocker baby

    No SocialitesLife!? What the hell did I get out of bed for?!?
    My dear Miu, get well soon! Whilst I will terribly miss your blog today (I am one of the “refreshers” as well) It’s far more important for you to stay in bed, veg out and recouperate. Lots of fluids (tea with a teeny bit of ginger will work miracles on your sinus’. But very little ginger, that stuff is potent!)stay warm! Pop is a few funny movies, laughter is miracle medicine. Hope you feel better pronto, Miu! For your AND our sake ;)

    Damnit… now what the hell am I going to do today?

  28. Girly Girl

    Miu Darling,

    Forget the tamilflu and ginger root and ugly underwear and ‘lay-in-bed-and-lollygag’ crap… get the hell up!

    Wipe away any and all ‘unfortunate’ body fluids- drool, snot, vomit, what-have-you.

    Take a shower (and fix your hair for god’s sake).

    Put on a lovely dress (I would suggest a Chanel- ALWAYS makes one feel better, non?).

    Begin drinking copious amounts of ANY type of adult beverage (Nyquil included… it DOES taste like Jaegermeister!).

    Tell your close friends after you have imbibed a half a gallon of alcoholic beverages you may need be taken immediately to the hospital because you can feel an ‘asthma’ attack coming on… when there, flirt shamelessly with the HOT residents (if you must wear the ugly ass gown, at least drap it seductively off of one shoulder), demand an IV loaded with morphine, and tell your remaining friends that you have been ‘working so hard’ lately that you’re sure this is just ‘exhaustion.’


    Work yourself up into such a clinically induced stupor that you no longer give a shit about Doctor Zhivago who keeps rubbing your feet in a pervy fettish kinda way OR us.

    Awake 12 hours later, having helped the Lion find his courage, the Tin Man get a heart, the Scarecrow get a brain AND wearing FABULOUS sparkly red brand-spanking-new Jimmy Choos, courtesy of pervy foot guy.

    Then light a ciggy, and GET BACK TO WORK!!!!

    We miss you Miu… my techno-tini dose of gossip was just blah without the likes of you…

    Bottoms up for Miu!


  29. Linda McMichael

    Get well soon! Hope you’re up and about real soon.

  30. Stewie Griffin

    awwww feel better. Looking forward to the new posts.

  31. MJ

    I can’t believe how much work I’ve gotten done today!!! I must block this site from my browser… talk about an addiction!

  32. Nikki

    Get plenty of rest and get better we can wait… like the saying goes ” good things comes to those who wait”.. feel better.

  33. woodyette

    Mui! I too hope you’re feeling better. I only get to see your website usually on Mon, Tue & Wed most weeks, Sometimes more, but I too go in several times a day for updates. Because of you and your uptodate news, I always have my friends wondering how come I know what’s going on in the entertainment business.

    I know you said the other day you were planning on “upgrading” the site, please don’t change it too much – if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it! I love it just as it is. Woodyette

  34. come post on THE board.

  35. Inimini

    Miu just like everyone here, I’m an avid refresher and constantly refer to your site on my blog. I really hope u feel better, lots of liquid, a good bowl of chicken soup, plenty of rest and some TLC will do the magic….You’ll be just fine.

  36. Ocelot

    Feel Better soon!!!! Lots of fluids, and that doesn’t mean a Cosmo darling!!!! Just water sweetie… You know what that is.. It’s a mixer darling. Drink that, and lots of it. Flush it out. And tons of bed rest. Will see you on here very soon I know.

    much love,


  37. Zun

    I look at you website like 20 time a day. I have missed you this days. Take care of yourself, feel better soon.

  38. buzz

    fuckin bitch! there’s no “i’m sick” bullshit in gossip blogging. suck it up!

    j/k mwah…

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