Favorite Villains From ‘The Vampire Diaries’ [PHOTOS]

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Just a little over a month until The Vampire Diaries returns for its fourth season! With the cliffhanger we had during the season three finale , the wait is almost torturous. Our beloved villains will be gracing our screens, constantly causing trouble before we know it! Out of all the shows and movies ever created, this has got to be one of the rare ones where the villains are loved much more than the good characters. It doesn’t seem like many people stay good or bad for long though, does it?

Almost every character could probably be classified as a villain at one time or another. Some definitely do more bad than others, but even the purest character has probably betrayed someone, or literally stabbed them in the back. Remember what Elena did to Rebekah in season three before homecoming? Miss Innocent Martyr really can be the opposite of what she’s identified as.

Villains are supposed to be ruthless, destructive characters, but the ones of this show have some redeeming qualities. The ones who are the baddest seem to be the ones who had the most painful pasts. Klaus’ father looked at him as an outsider and hated him, Katherine was sent to England after her baby was taken from her, and Damon has been used and abused multiple times. We know we’re supposed to hate the villains, but we usually sympathize with them. Strange, isn’t it?

Which baddie is your favorite? Are you Team Klaus, Team Stefan, Team Damon, or even Team Rebekah?