Favorite Celebrity Fashionista Couples

Gay Celeb Couples
Our 10 favorite celebrity gay couples.
Surprising Couples!
Do you think these shockers are really stunners?
Ooh la la, love is in the air today.

You know it’s love when couples begin to coordinate unintentionally and suddenly look a bit spiffier. It’s truly fascinating seeing couples morph through style phases together. Or better yet, borrowing from one another’s wardrobe.

Even though I am 100 percent jealous of Eva Mendes for snagging America’s Most Wanted, Ryan Gosling, I must admit they would make some good looking, and very hip, babies.

Another couple that seems to be on point at events is none other than Brangelina. And although Angelina received a not-so-special Valentine’s gift from her very special Valentine, they still manage to make us regular people Hulk-green with envy. Is it even humanly possible to look this hot, to be this talented and to find your equivalent to beau up? Outrageous!

As for  Taylor Swift, you have to hand it to her for keeping up with her past boyfriends, (Harry Styles , John Mayer , Taylor Lautner) pulling off different trends.

Not to be a negative Nancy but Katy Perry ‘s accessory, Mayer, is spoiling the picture-perfect pictures.

But for those who have it going on, please stay together. Think of the people! Cough, Olivia Palermo/Johannes Huebl and Adam Lambert/Sauli Koskinen.