Father’s Day for John Travolta

Seen here posing for the photogs in Paris, France, John Travolta was ready for a family affair for Father’s Day. The whole crew was in tow for the occasion including wife/mother Kelly Preston, daughter Ella as well as baby Benjamin. The black and white dressed family strolled around the city, visiting the Eiffel Tower and snapping pictures with fans.

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The family has a lot to celebrate and will be spending a lot more time together as all three of the eldest members have claimed roles in the upcoming film Gotti: Three Generations. John will play John Gotti Sr. while Kelly will act as his wife Victoria and Ella will portray their Gotti’s daughter Angel. Such an interesting combination, this alone would  be reason enough to see the highly anticipated film.

“The film’s producer Marc Fiore told People magazine: ‘The love and passion between John and Kelly… will bring a huge benefit to John Sr. and his wife, and to tell you the truth, they have a lot in common.

‘They both lost a child at a young age and they understand what the Gottis went through when the Gottis lost their child.'”

Also on the roster for the film are A-Listers Al Pacino and Lindsay Lohan. Should be a film for the generations!