Father Throws Son’s Puppy To Its Death

August 4th, 2005 // 26 Comments

ordinarypeopleWow. It sounds like daddy has a short fuse. Give him the five years.

Meet Josper Sanon. The Florida man, 49, was arrested yesterday and charged with flinging his teenage son’s dog off a fifth-floor balcony after the two-month-old puppy soiled the family’s Miramar apartment. The dog, a black Labrador, died after being tossed more than 25 feet through the air from the 50-foot high balcony, according to the below Miramar Police Department report. Charged with felony animal abuse, Sanon was released yesterday from the Broward County jail after posting bail. If convicted of the dog killing, Sanon–pictured at right in a police booking photo–faces a maximum of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Puppy Killer Nabbed [The Smoking Gun]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. morty z

    Give that fucker the chair. Seriously.

  2. disgusted!!!

    Excuse me, I rarely curse but this motherfucker NEEDS to be shot!!!!!!!

  3. nicole

    he should be tossed off the balcony! >:o

  4. AnimalLover115

    NAUSEATING… scum like that should be f*cking tortured and forced to suffer. As far as I am concerned… he is the lowest form of human life … and it rhymes with “digger” (and NO I DO NOT mean that in a racist way)

  5. kraven moorhead

    this is bullshit. this guy needs to be tortured and shot. to do soemthing like that to an innocent dog is beyond the pale. he deserves to die!

  6. AER

    “And I do not mean that in a racist way”… Are you kidding? That word is inseparable from it’s racist origins, and you are a fool to propogate it.

  7. IMesh

    Seriously, animal lover–grow a brain. Nice try, but the use of the word in ANY form is UNACCEPTABLE. This is a story of a sick guy who threw a puppy out the window–and he is not representing African Americans.

  8. your mama

    That man AND ‘animallover115′ should be tossed off that balcony. How can you even think of using that word? Idiot.

  9. Cynthia

    It is a well known fact that animal abuse and the abuse of people are related. Face it–you’re either cruel or you’re not. The bastard should be thrown off the balcony until he no longer moves. The kid is lucky this never happened to him. I wish the laws would be more harsh with this sort of thing.
    And no, the ‘n’ word is never acceptable….

  10. AnimalLover115

    For all of you who are now calling me racist… it just shows YOUR ignorance as to the ACTUAL meaning of the word. And NO it is not racist in origin. Try again… get out you Webster’s and “grow a brain” yourself. What I want to know is who died and made all of you judge jury and execution.. FREEDOM OF SPEECH is my constitutional right, noone said you had to like me for it, or are you to uneducated to know that also??? *Smooch*

  11. guys!

    Let’s not divert our attention away from this sick sick man!!

    He does deserve to die but before someone fries his ass, he needs to be tortured!! I feel sorry for his family.

  12. AnimalLover115

    nig·ger ( P ) Pronunciation Key (ngr)
    “Used as a disparaging term for a member of any socially, economically, or politically deprived group of people”

  13. AnimalLover115

    Your right, this man is “sick” (although the word hardly carries enough meaning in this case), someone failed him somewhere along the line. It is perplexing to me that although we all must pass a test to drive a motor vehicle, anyone can just have a pet, child, etc. in this country and no one blinks an eye, that is until it is too late the majority of the time. Very pathetic and unfortunate.

  14. Cynthia

    There was a case in NYC several years ago, where some froot loop got mad and tossed her kids’ kitten out the window of the apartment building. And a little later, same thing happened with the puppy. And then a little while later, she killed her three year old daughter in the same way. SICK!

  15. The use of “that n word” is hardly the issue here, that man is the lowest form of scum, he should be tossed out a 5 story window, he doesn’t deserve waste of time and energy it takes to type this. anyone who would do that to a puppy has no heart and no conscious, can’t be human! Call him what you want!

  16. RubbRubb

    What a piece of garbage that guy is. I’m so disgusted anything more I have to say is already in the thread above.

    Poor dog. This guy needs to do many years in pound-you-in-the-ass prison. Of course, that won’t happen, so he’ll be alive and around to do more damage to humans or animals in just a few months.

  17. actually...

    I think he should go to prison first, and get gang raped by like 5 big men every single day. Eat their shit, be their bitch, and then kill himself off cuz he cant take it anymore.

  18. I’m glad to read the above comments; that you all are angry by such brutality against animals.

    I am a long-time animal rights and animal welfare activist, and unfortunately, there are a lot of sick people out there committing horrifying crimes against innocent creatures. I actually used to volunteer at an animal shelter, and I saw a lot of little, innocent victims come in after some stupid person(s) — usually pre-teen and teenage boys — decided to “have fun” with an animal in a violent manner. It’s heart-breaking, but I am glad to see so many supporters for punishing people who abuse, torture and/or kill animals.

  19. diaz

    Humans are being killed in worse ways than this as we speak, but everyone’s up in arms about a dog? 5 years? Some people don’t serve that much time for rape.

  20. uhm, Yeah

    Poor dog. The guy shouldn’t get 5 years, he should be thrown out a window and killed. Thanks!

  21. doofus

    first off, I agree with all of you that the guy deserves prison. and yes, the abuse of animals and the abuse of people IS related. (most serial killers start off with animals…) The guy needs to be put away so that his kid doesn’t wind up being the next living creature that is tossed off the balcony.

    second, AnimalLover115, you used the secondary definition of that word. the PRIMARY definition, so-called because it’s the PRIMARY connotation that comes to mind when that word is uttered, is

    “a. Used as a disparaging term for a Black person”


    “b. Used as a disparaging term for a member of any dark-skinned people”

    don’t try to spin your way out of this by using selective definition. to add, the origins of the word are from the French “negre”, or “black person” and the Spanish “negro”…meaning the same thing.

    NO ONE who hears that word in TODAY’S society would think of any other connotation but the derogatory one. you’re not showing ignorance, but you are showing some ability to be a politician. I’ll bet you can debate the meaning of “is” pretty well. and yes, we do have freedom of speech in this country, but with that freedom comes responsibility. Yeah, you can use that word, but you have to deal with the consequences of using that word. and those consequences may be having a LOT of people pissed off at you.

  22. AnimalLover115

    ;) You’re right, but it is my opinion and choice of verbiage. Not trying to make friends, the guy is a piece of sh*t!! I think we can all agree on that, no? (PS: Politics is one of my many talents, thank you for noticing.)

  23. doofus

    yes, it IS your opinion, and it IS your choice of verbiage.

    all I’m saying is that, if you choose to use such verbiage, be prepared to take the consequences of using such verbiage.

    you DO have freedom to use that, just like all of the others on here have the freedom to flame you for using it.

    try this…go to the corner of 126th and 5th in NYC and call the average person on the street that word…then tell them how you “don’t mean it in a racist way” and see how they react. See how understanding the average black person is to your explanation on the word’s origins and how it doesn’t mean what they think it does.

    It’s pretty clear that you’re not trying to make friends (who does on a forum?!) and it’s a good thing because, using that word, outside of a Klan rally, won’t win you any.

  24. lab owner

    I agree, motherfucker should be tossed off a balcony himself! A PUPPY?? People go through intensive screening before they can adopt a kid, I think we should have to go through the same to adopt an animal.

  25. Simple_Tina

    He should go out “Berg” style!!!!

  26. Andrew

    I think that the act he committed was terrible, as the dog itself was “innocent” in the fact that it likely had no malicious thoughts or capability for such. It was for lack of a better word, “innocent.” But what I find more sickening is the reactiont to this. Why cannot the murder of a fellow human being be viewed with the same disgust?

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