Father Throws Son’s Puppy To Its Death

ordinarypeopleWow. It sounds like daddy has a short fuse. Give him the five years.

Meet Josper Sanon. The Florida man, 49, was arrested yesterday and charged with flinging his teenage son’s dog off a fifth-floor balcony after the two-month-old puppy soiled the family’s Miramar apartment. The dog, a black Labrador, died after being tossed more than 25 feet through the air from the 50-foot high balcony, according to the below Miramar Police Department report. Charged with felony animal abuse, Sanon was released yesterday from the Broward County jail after posting bail. If convicted of the dog killing, Sanon–pictured at right in a police booking photo–faces a maximum of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Puppy Killer Nabbed [The Smoking Gun]