Father Of The Year Should Avoid His Website

April 23rd, 2007 // 7 Comments

Alec Baldwin is hearing it from bitches on his website, complaing about that phone message where he called his 11 year-old daughter a “pig”. Seriously, that kind of parenting should be lauded. Kids today need to hear what their parents really think of them. The day my Mom called me a “sleazy, slimy bastard” and told me the “best part of you stayed in the rubber” was the day I became a man. I was 12 and stuff, but you’re never too young to feel the benefit of the real world kicking you in the gut and walking away, chuckling in that genteel whiskey voice and smoking from a cigarette holder and due on the set of “30 Rock”.

Writes “Wendy”: “Never call your daughter a pig or brainless. She will carry this in her heart forever. Words are like toothpaste; once they come out there’s no putting them back where they came from.”

Seconds “Kayla”: “Grow up and think of that CHILD. Be a man for once. There is no way on EARTH you can justify calling your child a pig. NONE.”

In the voicemail, which appeared on TMZ.com last week, Baldwin, 49, calls Ireland, his daughter with Kim Basinger, a “rude little pig” and threatens to “straighten your ass out.”

Remind me to remember that “toothpaste” line. That shit is a keeper. Let’s face it. Ireland’s got two mental patients for parents. One’s calling her a “pig” and the other’s leaking it to websites. Sometimes I think there should like a background check, or some sort of licensing system for parents. I know that’s a little Orwellian and stuff but he called his eleven-year-old daughter a pig! That guy shouldn’t be allowed to own Sea Monkeys.

By J. Harvey

  1. hell yes. babying children is stupid. my parents treated me like shit, and because of it I’m not a little wussy spoiled puke. being a kiss ass towards your kid makes them a revolting human being. …not that I’d ever poison my life by giving birth.

  2. ….not that I’m supporting the ‘pig’ flinging. Remove the name calling from the rant and I see nothing wrong with it.

  3. me

    Jessica, you have obviously had a GRAND life. Lighten up for five seconds, eh? Go get a hug.

  4. hotmess

    yeah… is it wrong that I really dont think his rant was that bad? My Dad has said far worse to me and I still love him. It also means that when people call me a bitch or a whore I laugh in their faces and say “Yeah! So fucking what!” instead of this stupid over-sensitive-everybodys-a-racist-bigoted-homophobe-wah-wah-wah CRAP that seems to be going on in America today. If people stopped being insulted by stupid words it would completely take the power out of them. Suck it up people! Its not like he hit her!!!

  5. Sue

    I understand what you are saying, and you too Hotmess but, do you seriously think you would be a lesser person (in your own eyes) if you hadn’t been verbally abused by your parents?
    Home and your parents should be the one safe place for kids to go. The world is full enough of rude, demeaning, cruel people, why would it be a positive to have your parents be one of them? Yes, it is a tough world and yes, kids need to be tough to live in it but I don’t think verbally (or physically) abusing one’s child is going to help them function better in the world. I would rather help build some confidence in my child so that when the world shows it’s ass, my child can handle it. My parents were verbally abusive and I took nothing from that other than not to be that way! Abuse is ALWAYS counterproductive.

  6. Sue

    …and all Baldwin is teaching his child is that when you don’t get your own way, have a screaming, name-calling temper-tantrum to deal with it! Mighty fine role model…

  7. SmartyPants

    Horrible words from parents DO hurt, and can take away a kid’s confidence. I had that happen to me as a kid, with horrible words and deeds from truly nutcase parents, and I still struggle with things today.
    However, the trend today is to BABY THE HELL out of kids, so much so, that they do not have any manners, responsibility, etc. Look at how kids act in restaurants, etc. I really do not want to pay good money to listen to some brat scream!And yes, they turn out to be truly revolting human beings when they grow up. There is a middle ground somewhere, people. Everyone wants to be their kid’s friend, when they are supposed to be a parent!
    Still, I think Baldwin was out of line, especially with the pig comment.

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