Fashion’s Night Out: West Coast

The fashion industry set aside a night for the customers on September 10th when the global celebration, Fashion’s Night Out took place in several cities.  Though New York is the traditional epicenter of the fashion world, the west coast took it upon itself to celebrate as well.  I had the good fortune of participating in this highly energized, contagiously giddy event.   Everyone from Saks to Tiffany’s to Intermix was in on FNO, and it wasn’t just about keeping retail doors open for a few extra hours.

Intermix in particular really got into the spirit of Fashion’s Night Out.  Their Robertson Boulevard store threw a VIP party complete with delish cocktails by Tequila Avion and a concert by Deluka, my new favorite bad-ass British band.   Intermix just so happens to be one of my go-to retailers, and this particular door was the very essence of the California shopper.  Not to mention it was the perfect venue to listen and bang thine head.  It was a treat to watch Intermix get behind an up-and-coming band like Deluka.  People were there to rock out and celebrate great fashion.  The weather was typical Southern California-cool, pleasant and condusive to fashion lovers who strolled up and down the tree-lined streets of LA. 

Rodeo was a sight for sore eyes.  The road was blocked off, allowing customers to walk up and down the street and saunter in and out of participating stores.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself at this year’s Fashion’s Night Out on the west coast.  How did New York fare?

Tell me how much you love my homepade pictures of the evening.  I’m a shoe-in for Getty, aren’t I?