Fashion’s Night Out Shares The Party With The Little People

Ever since the cluster cuss that was the economic downtown, things haven’t going as well for anyone and apparently that includes the fashion industry. Fashion’s Night Out is the brainchild of Anna Wintour, because she is nothing less than a genius. Its meant to remind people that they count, well that their money does anyway. And they should be buying bags and shoes whose cost could save a small African village from starvation. But its art! Fashion is like a Picasso or a Van Gogh, its priceless right?

From New York, to Los Angeles, to Miami, there were free rides on Ferris wheels, free karaoke with Naomi Campbell and maybe even the opportunity to pet one of Valentino’s dogs, but probably not. In any case, thousands showed up in all cities and were able to bump shoulders with the next best thing, actual celebrities and designers. Seen here, Jennifer Lopez, Kimora Lee and Joss Stone enjoy Fashion’s Night Out at Macy’s Herald Square New York City on September 10th. Check them out in the gallery!

Interested in meeting Diane Von Furstenburg, Donna Karen or Alexander Wang? Well you could have had your chance, as many others did, in meeting the designer of your favorite sun glasses or hand bag. Apparently, Fashion’s Night Out has been a huge success in the past and is now been declared a holiday in Fashion. Its about time they understood the power of the people. Didn’t they see that amazing Obama win back in 2008?