Fashionistas Come In All Shapes And Sizes! 5-Year-Old Tikes Included!

Milan Men's Fashion Week
Hollywood was in the front row for the Milan shows.
We were warned.

Ugo Mozie, a stylist who’s worked with fancy faces including- Chris Brown, Beyonce, and Kelly Rowland, tweeted last year,

“Style icon. Get familiar and take notes.”

Attached to this tweet was a picture; most thought would be the newest addition to his elite family of trendsetters, but instead it was a tiny tike rockin’ the likes of Tom Ford, Dior, Diesel, Gucci, and AllSaints.


Alonso Mateo is his name and he doesn’t play games when it comes to fashion! This 5-year-old trendsetter has become a  stylestar in the Instagram world thanks to his (mini) designer digs and Beckham-like haircut; oh and it doesn’t hurt that he’s totally ADORBS!!

Mateo has skillfully added himself to the VIP list of child-style icons, including Alexander Wang’s petite niece, Alia, and Hudson Kroenig, the son of model Brad Kroenig, who became a Karl Lagerfeld muse at the young age of 3! Let’s not forget to mention the more obvious young fashionistas, of course, including Suri Cruise and Maddox Jolie-Pitt.

This child-style icon has developed a mass group of followers, and by doing so he has shown us that you don’t need famous parents to help you achieve stardom! Mateo wasn’t founded while out and about and he hasn’t been pictured in any major fashion mags, but HOT DAMN, he’s got insane fashion sense and he knows how to work it!!

Mozie is in awe. “His clothes were exceptionally tailored, drop-crotch pants, his hand in his pocket- that stood out to me.”

It might sound bizarre to be speaking so highly about a child his age, but the pictures don’t lie; this kid’s going places! I have no doubt that he will leave a long line of well-tailored clothes for the rest of us to follow!

More people, and by people I mean men, need to take some lessons from Alonso Mateo. He’s 5 and knows how to dress better than men three-times his age, my boyfriend included…

Sorry I’m not sorry.