Fashioning the Environment

Environmentally conscious- some would go as far to say ethical- fashion seems to be very “in” these days. This comes in the midst of a greater general awareness of the topic evidenced in, say, Al Gore’s recent box office success with his documentary on global warming, not to mention the increased emphasis placed on organic products and the rising popularity of supermarket chains such as “Whole Foods”. So what’s a fashionista to do if she wants to get involved in all of this? Buying clothes from “Noir” isn’t a bad option. The Danish designer behind the year old label Peter Ingerswen says that it’s not more expensive to make environmentally conscious clothes, just a bit more of a hassle. Plus he realizes that the only way to attract people to it is by making clothes they’d want to wear.

Indeed, the label’s fall collection, in hues of gray and black, seem to be worth that extra hassle. Following the fall trend of dark romanticism, it manages to combine a strong menswear influence into a decidedly feminine collection, aided by the use of ruffles, sheer, and well-fitted coats and pencil skirts. Environmentally friendly and filled with attitude. Perhaps that’s the path to follow for others who are just as concerned about organic farming as this label.

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Written by Ann John

Tags: Fashion