Excuse Me While I Whip This Out

H&M will welcome another collection from the land of high dollar couture. Roberto Cavalli will be unleashing his affordable line for the retailer this November. The ads are currently keeping eyes peeled as billboards and ads are due to spring up in the near future. Why? Page Six delves into the background of the ads.

“Billboards and ads shot by controversial photographer Terry Richardson – who not only gets his models nude, but disrobes himself. His open-minded subjects, who’ll be shot in Florence, include Jessica Stam, Erin Wasson, Lydia Hearst, Theodora Richards, brother/sister duo Devon, Steve Aoki and Cavalli himself.”

The line, entitled “Decadence,” will hit 200 stores November 8th. It will feature 20 pieces of menswear, 25 pieces of women swear and lingerie with matching accessories. What really has my interest is how anyone could pose in front of a naked man with a camera. Imagine standing next to Roberto and Terry has his bits hanging out. I would have to say “Excuse me, but could you put the mouse back in his house….it’s Cavalli for God’s sake.”

There is still time to answer the 25 Point Trivia question this week. In keeping with the Harry Potter madness that is sweeping the land, you can find a forum for all your Deathly Hallows book talk.