If You’ve Wondered About Tom Ford’s Penis…

You are not alone. The designer, who is labeled as the “the straightest gay man alive,” has no fear about his twig and berries. New York mag delves into the talent of former Gucci guru. His notoriety surrounds female empowerment and releasing that inner dominatrix. As he branches out into the male form and launches a fleet of menswear stores, he insists his sexual appeal is still there. Despite the rumors of a toupee and lifts hidden in his shoes, he brands himself as a walking product. He draws attention to his “endowments” and feels that if you got it flaunt it.

“I don’t know, I’m not sure,” he says in his flirty baritone, accented by a macho Texas twang. “Why shouldn’t women have sex for enjoyment? Why should showing off be a bad thing?” He throws one hand in the air, snarls, and reaches down to grab it. “Men have been very crude for a long time–I mean, you walk down the street and guys scream, ‘Hey, baby!'”

Oh how droll.

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