Fashion Week: Tracy Reese is Cutesy

You have seen Paris Hilton, Mya, Jamie Lynn Dyscala, Beyonce, and Mira Sorvino all wearing Tracy Reese creations. Her cute yet smart and sassy style delivered as usual. Her beginnings at Perry Ellis must have given her some gusto.

Her collection had no fear of mixing bright colors and standard autumn colors. It was a collaboration of shorts, tights, haute dresses, and contemporary style. The tights weren’t the plain black that Lindsay Lohan seems to love. They were fun with stripes and polka dots that added a perfect touch. The were complimenting outfits as good accessories should and not defining them.

Everything noted femininity with satins, silk, taffeta, and a little cotton. Handbags were not gigantic but fit the bigger is better trend. My favorite was a flowing dress that had a subtle shimmer. It added a glittering effect without being gaudy. It, like most of the pieces, gave recognition to female form.