Fashion Week: Rock & Republic and the Futuristic Pimps

If there was a line drawn in the sand then Rock & Republic crossed it, waved good bye to it, and then flipped it off. Trashy doesn’t even begin to describe the 72 looks that made Wet Seal look like The Gap. The show was celebrity free. Not really a surprise but I half expected Sienna Miller taking heated notes in the front row.

Men walked out in what I can only describe as a pimp from the future. The entire theme for the show was indeed “Pimps and Hos.” Hot pants in a metallic, yet antique gold and silver were present. At the sight of the creation I laughed. I wasn’t the only one who thought the collection was a joke. Camilla al Fayed laughed at one of the models who was wearing shorts that purposely showed the seam on her tights.

Neon and leopard printed fur were repulsive and I questioned whether this was a line for actual people or prostitutes. It felt like a new word should be invented to describe the line. First thing that came to mind was skanktrashhorrific. I would bet that even Lil Kim would have even turned her nose up at the greasy looking models and their Matrix-Skank wear.