Fashion Week: Playfully Lacoste

Lacoste was traditional fall wear mixed with some fun. Autumn’s staple look of layers was present as the models walked down the runway. The catwalk itself was covered in leaves of gold and brown while more leaves fell from the heavens.

Khaki, navy blue, and green were the hues of choice for Lacoste. Giant bags that resembled something I would carry a bowling ball in were carried by both the men and women. (Have no fear, I would never actually bowl. Two tone shoes are my idea of torture.) The line of feminine blurred as the ladies walked out in collar shirts and ties. The men tucked their pant legs into their boots and looked soft in sweaters.

Women also tucked their jeans inside two tone boots of red and white or black and white. At this I shuddered. The overall collection was impressive and fun despite the boots. It was brave in an everyday sense. It takes skill to make a gym bag couture. Even Nicky Hilton and Julianne Moore were present in support of the label, both sitting in the front row.

Tags: Designers