Fashion Week: Oscar de la Renta- An Acquired Taste

Oscar is an invention all his own. Luxurious ruffles, embroidery, eveningwear, and ornate beading and embellishments are practically synonymous with Oscar. His showcase lacked none of these and he took the trendy path versus the traditional starlet line. Thank the fashion gods he decided to forego painting for the creation of a different beauty.

The colors were fantastic and managed to entail the classical black with color swirled into the mix. A gown I fell in love with a first sight was a smart black number with light teal and plush purple that caught your eye immediately and gave new meaning to little black dress. The earrings were large black dangles of couture brushing his models shoulders. Gorgeous, simply and Oscar gorgeous.

The a dress a modernized Jackie O. would have worn had a slight puff in the sleeve. A trend I noticed that had been among London lines finally answered my question as to the acceptance of the puff. It is astounding yes when it comes to la Renta.

Embroidery was not as heavy as usual but a few pieces of the collection of course tested the lines of faux pas and fantastic. The heavy embellishment on smoky grey gown has tasteful. However, a fur heavy concoction gave a wookiee effect and I pierced my lips with disappointment. All in all I gave a standing ovation for his fall foliage of couture.

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