Fashion Week Finally Flaunts Plus-Size Designs

Yesterday, New York’s Fashion Week popped its plus-size cherry. The show was the first runway show to ever feature plus-size designs, leaving many wondering, “Hey, why hasn’t this happened sooner?”

The company’s president, Stephanie Sobel, told New York Daily News, “We hope that it’s just the beginning. Yes, this is just the first show, but hopefully we’ll look back and be shocked that it took this long.”

Stars came out to support the show, like Gabourey Sidibe, Nikki Blonsky,
Real Housewives Of New Jersey’s Caroline Manzo, Emme, and Kaycee Stroh
to name a few. Check them all out in the gallery!

Their vice president of design Zahir Babvani hopes other designers start lines that allow for plus-size customers, saying that the only obstacle is designers not investing a sincere interest in the fashions for real women.

“When you design for a fuller-figured woman, you have to take the integrity of the curves of her body, and yes, the design changes because you’re looking to accentuate shape, not just show clothes as you’d hang them on a hanger,”

he said.

“The most gratifying part of this show is the message we’re sending. The fashion is secondary. I see ‘plus-size’ as the last okay prejudice, and I hope this show gets rid of that. No one should be able to say what an ideal size is.”